You need to have INR in your CoinSwitch Kuber wallet in order to buy cryptos

Step 1: Go to CoinSwitch Kuber app you will see a search option to search for the currency you want to buy.

Suppose that you wanted to buy BTC below is how you get the coins which has Bitcoin in their name. You can select the BTC option.

Step 2: Enter the amount for which you want to buy. (Minimum is 100 Rs. and Maximum is 3,50,000 Rs.)

Step 3: App shows you the current price and also the amount of Cryptocurrency you would get after buying.

Step 4: If you do not have INR deposited or is less than 100 Rs. in your account then the App will show you an error then you need to deposit funds.

Refer to the article to know: how to deposit? 

Step 5: The funds will be purchased and the funds will be reflected in the app.