Some reasons as to why your KYC may have been rejected are:

1. You are uploading the soft copy of the documents which is not allowed. Hence please click an on-the-spot picture of your hardcopy documents and upload.

2. The images uploaded may be blurry, so try uploading clear images.

3. The name of your CoinSwitch Kuber account does not match with the name on the KYC                documents that you might have uploaded

4. The selfie uploaded might not be clear or might not be matching the images on the documents.

5. Name and Date of Birth (DOB) entered might not be the same as that in the documents submitted.

So please make sure you follow all the above guidelines to get your KYC completed at the earliest. But if for some reason you are not able to do so then your KYC will be rejected. When your KYC gets rejected you will receive a text message from us mentioning the reason for KYC rejection.