Hello Kuberians,

The CoinSwitch Kuber app was down for around 30 minutes last night due to immediate system maintenance which is completed and the app is working fine. But we've noticed that some of you are still facing an issue while logging into CoinSwitch Kuber app. Here is how you can resolve this yourself that within a minute.

Follow the below steps to login and start trading in the app at the earliest: 

STEP #1: Open your CoinSwitch Kuber app on your Android or iOS phone.

STEP #2: As you open your app, you will see the below-shown screen. 

STEP #3: Next, when you see this screen, JUST keep your CoinSwitch Kuber app open for 1 minute (60 seconds) and don’t change your screen.

STEP #4: Boom !! As you stay on the maintenance screen for a minute your CoinSwitch Kuber app will start working, and you should be able to trade now.

Again Reminder: If you see an 'Under Maintenance' screen when you open the app, please give it a minute, stay on the maintenance screen, and you will be able to access the app.

We really apologise for this issue at this moment. 

If you still face the issue, let us know at support@coinswitch.co

Thank you for your support!

CoinSwitch Kuber Team

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