This has been enabled as a security measure to protect you from fraud. We request you not to share your OTP and PIN with any other user including coinswitch support staff. This would lead to your account being compromised and the logged in user having full control over your account.

Hence we allow only a single device to be logged in at anytime. You would receive an email if a new device login has been detected. If you haven't logged into any new device then you can reach out to our customer support. As an additional security measure we would disable the following:

1. Crypto and INR withdrawals - This is to protect your account from any unauthorised withdrawals

2. Add or Edit Bank Details - If your account is compromised, disabling of adding or editing bank account would protect you from losing your money to someone else's account.

3. Forgot PIN - If your account gets compromised, disabling forgot PIN will protect you from getting completely locked out of your account

4. Send Gift Card - This is to protect you from unauthorised gift cards being sent to someone else's account

Note: If you have already logged into two devices. Your previous device would be logged out automatically when you enter your PIN on the new device.